Trouble sending large photo attachment

When I try to send a large photo attachment (JPEG) of 6.4 MB, the email hangs up in my outbox and the recipient receives several copies while the email continues to resend it. Although it still appears in my outbox, the recipient has received it (sometimes up to 170 times!). Is there a way to fix this?

I should add that this only was an issue after I upgraded to Windows 10 last week. Prior to that, I was able to send photo attachments with no problem.

I’m using eM Client 6.0.24928 and I have the same issue. I’m also using Windows 10. Although it doesn’t happen always.

You might want to check with your actual internet service provider and the rules they have for sending large attachments. Some restrict the size to 5MB or less. If this is the issue, just upload the message to one of your cloud storage services (dropbox, google drive, onedrive, etc.) and insert a link in your email to that file.

I think it has nothing to do with a size limit of my ISP. The e-mail with big attachment DOES get sent … it only is sent too many times. It is stuck in my outbox. Once I know it has been sent (e.g. because the receiver has already e-mailed me an answer, or I can check on the PC of my wife that she has received it), I need to manually move the e-mail from the Outbox to the ‘Sent’ folder in the correct e-mail account.

I suspect it is related to a slow or interrupted internet connection.

Another bug not fixed since years.

I have the same effect with bigger attachments with current version 7.1.33101.0 (Windows 10x64, 64G ram). There is no resctriction from the provider, I transfer  with a fast internet connection (upload speed min 20Mbit, typical ~200Mbit).

Files greater than 10MB are not removed from the out box and sent continuously (!!!) and complete until the message is removed from the out-box by hand because this it is not done by emClient.

The fact that these e-mails are received by the recepients up to 60 (!!!) times is an undenialble proof that there are no technical restricitions but a very ugly bug in emClient.