Trouble sending emails with emclient

Connected a new iinet modum yesterday and can not send emails since. Receive ok, but can’t send. Iinet server has been tested and is ok

Normally a replacement modem shouldn’t have any change on sending email.

However if you have eg: changed ISPs and have been using your eg: prev ISP email address, you normally then have to (change your SMTP server setting) to the new ISP outgoing server address or you can get a relaying type error when sending email.

If it’s a global email address like a eg: @gmail, @outlook, @icloud etc then these will work without changing the SMTP server address in your mail client.

What’s your @email address without the username in front prior to the new modem arriving ?

Also did you move to a new ISP ?

Lastly what’s the actual error message you get when sending email ?

my eM works just fine but since last week eM on my wife’s laptop cannot sent any emails anymore yet receives all emails sent to her.

Whats the SMTP settings on her computer, and error message saying when she sends email.

Hi, thanks for responding,

No message.

Just will not go from the out box


Try this:
Completely disable any VPN, anti-virus, then try again.

Click the “Refresh” button at the top left, and then click the “dropdown arrow” on the right of refresh and click “Show Operations”. Then see what the errors are in the “Errors” & “Log” Tabs.


This happens to me regularly. It seems to (mostly) affect my Yahoo accounts but Outlook (Hotmail) as well. It’s frustrating to say the least.

What happens when you read thru the suggestions/questions and respond with your information?