Trouble receiving emails

Am using the free version 6 of eM running on Win 8.1. Also use Mailwasher Pro. When I try to send my email to eM via Mailwasher, after getting rid of the stuff I do not want, it does not arrive in eM unless I use the “Send and Receive” tab. eM then accepts the mail with no problem. I use  an IMAP protocol and have tried POP3 but it stays the same. I have not had this happen on any other email programs I have tried. It is not a big deal but it would be nice if it was automatic. Thanks in advance.

Hello John, I’m not quite sure what is this Mailwasher app, is it a SPAM filter setup with your mail server or perhaps a security software on your computer?

Make sure the application is not blocking eM Client’s ability to connect to the mail server.


Thanks for the reply.
Mailwasher allows you to view and filter your emails before they reach your computer, so if a particular email can harm your computer you can still open it if you wish in Mailwasherwith no danger. So yes I suppose it is a spam filter. You then simply mark selected emails for deletion. The emails that are left (those you want to keep) can then be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the a particular button in the Mailwasher menu bar and this action then deletes the emails you have selected and then loads your email program, in my case eM.
eM then opens on my computer. With other programs I have used, eg. Thunderbird, Opera etc. the emails from Mailwasher then automatically appear in the inbox. With eM however I have to click on the Send and Receive button to get them. Once I click this button everthing  works fine. This appears to be how eM works  and as I said in my previous post, it is no big deal. It is more the fact that I am used to the email program getting the email on an automatic basis. I just wanted to know can eM get your email straight from the server, or in my case, Mailwasher, or will it only download email when the Send and Receive button is clicked.
Thanks a lot.

Hello, while using an IMAP connection, the client keeps an IDLE connection between the client and the server,which allows the application to fetch new items once they’re received by the server, if the application holds the emails before it can allow the IMAP protocol to push them to eM Client. I’m afraid the application can’t detect the message using the IDLE connection, but needs to wait for the next automatic sync process. Which on IMAP account is processed when using the button - otherwise new messages are received based on new server information.

My recommendation would be using a server side filter rather than client side, as this would allow you to filter the message before they’re received by the server and fetch only the filtered messages on all your devices (including mobile email clients).


OK Paul you have given me food for thought, and it makes sense. I just have to figure out how to grab the mail before it hits the server. I might contact my ISP and see if they can suggest a way.
Thanks a lot for your help Paul

Server side filters have this ability, check with your mail service provider on advanced spam filtering options on your domain/account or use one of the common tools, e.g. spamihilator which should be able to put a spam filter on your mail server, rather than locally on your computer.

Hope this helps,