Trouble closing eM Client on shutdown

Why won’t eM Client quit “nicely,” like other programs do, when I shut down the computer? I always have to force-close it, otherwise the shutdown process hangs, and then I have to wait for the data check when I start up again.

This is a bug in eM Client… interestingly I’ve never seem to remember to post it as well.

For me it doesn’t have any problem with the shutdown process. But it does check the database on the next run of eM Client… I guess I just have adopt the habit of close it before shutting down.

It was fixed and will be available with the next major release (numbered v3.5) in next weeks.

nope, it is poor coding . . . never blame yourself for a software bug!

sweet! pretty good mail program otherwise, thanx for working on it!

When will it be released?

We built final release candidate yesterday so you will need to wait probably week to be it available.

not solved in 3.5 - still appears in Win XP sp3 and W7 64-bit sp1, on every computer start, client checks database, terrible ANNOYING :frowning: Its very good client, but this will force me revert back to Thunderbird, db check lasts 5+ min on slower pc’s

yes not solved. It’s annoying. Therefore I’m closeing eM by hand before “going down”. eM is the only program with this annoying effect.