After installing em client and doing my first virus scan with Windows defender, I get a Trojan alert (Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock) in local/temp/eM Client temporary files/*some_hex_code*.xls

Any idea what this is?

Hello Andy,

Did you download eM Client directly from our website at: If yes, the installation itself will be definitely free of any viruses or other threats.

As this Trojan file is located in Temporary files and it is probably a file opened while using eM Client I would recommend deleting the file with your Antivirus.


Yes, I downloaded directly from the site you mentioned. I did delete the trojan, I am just curious if you know what is stored in that temp file (ocal/temp/eM Client temporary files/*some_hex_code*.xls).  Is this an em Client specific file or is this something directly related to one of my emails?

I had just moved from using Thunderbird for my email to em client, and when using Thunderbird I had no virus detected. I got this virus warning  very soon after installing em client and downloading all of my imap email.

I have never seen an excel file associated with eM Client, other than an attachment.