Trial version on eM8


installed eM Client on Friday to see if I can use it on both personal and pro side.
I successfully imported my 3 accounts from outlook and added my Gmail + another personal account.

As I understood, I should be able to use all functions (pro included) for 1 month.

However, when I try to access attachment panel for example. I have a message saying I have the free license so I can’t access.

Today I started the program and it says only 2 accounts can be used due to the free license. I closed it and started again… and it work again with all account!
I am a bit confused by how it works: right now I have 6 accounts (including one for calendar and contacts) but I can’t access the attachment panel.

How the trial license works? Should I register for a pro version and pay to get it?

Thanks for your help!

So far I am convinced to buy a paid license to use it every day as performances are really better than outlook ones. However, testing for a month would insure I have no issues in my daylife (such with event invitations and so on).

I talked to the support on Twitter.
Problem solved!

Might help others if you expanded your description of the resolution.

I probably add an old version of eM Client activated on my computer.
So my hardware ID was already associated to a free licence (even if I never registered on website).
Support gave me a 30 days trial license so I can try the pro version for a month.