Trial version. Contacts/address books not imported

Giving this a try. Converting from Thunderbird. It imported all the settings, emails etc correctly. Very cool.
It did not import my contacts at all or my templates. I have several folders with sorted contacts. Is there a trick that needs to be done.

Did you select to import the contacts?

I was able to import my contacts from Thunderbird into eM Client.

Hi, have you selected that you want import contacts? Do you see your contacts under “contacts” section under your account or local folders?

Or were your contacts synchronized from the server after you have connected to internet?


Uninstalled and started over. Got the address books this time.
Templates did not make the trip. Fortunately there are only a dozen so I could copy/paste and create new for em.

New question.
Where is the section where I set the interval to check mail?
I did not find it in accounts.

Tools --> Settings --> General --> General

You can specify the interval to check for e-mail in “Synchronize items every … minutes”

Same hold true for POP accounts?

I assume the interval is valid for IMAP and POP accounts.

Yes, this works for both IMAP and POP3 protocols.