Trial of Version 7

I have 2 x licences for version 6 (pro, not lifetime). I am very tempted to upgrade to v7 lifetime but I would like to try it first.
Is there any way to install v7 when v6 is already installed and NOT have it complain the licence is invalid?
How much confidence do people have that a whitelist for spam will be introduced that automatically regards contacts in my address book as OK? It is extremely annoying to not have them recognised as OK without having to enter them manually into a whitelist.

Unfortunately, as I understand it, one cannot have both versions of eM Client installed at the same time.  It’s one or the other only.  So, there would be no license issues. 

I’m an eM Client Pro 6 user and I’m very hesitant to upgrade to 7 because of the problems some folks have had, have expressed here.  I just don’t need the hassle of trying to get everything straightened out at the moment, should something go wrong. Version 6 is working just fine for me.

Having said that, I don’t really want to cause anyone to shy away from trying out version 7.  I suspect that if it isn’t better than 6 it will be soon, or it may already be and so many are just so used to 6 that 7 seems foreign to them with it’s conversation view.

I will eventually upgrade but I want to hang onto my peace for now and give version 7 time to improve, should it need to.  Chances are I could upgrade without problem, as my email needs are much simpler than most who comment here.  

Many thanks mustangace.

I uninstalled v6 first, although I forgot to de-authorise it. I then deleted the various folders and registry entries it leaves behind but it still refused to run v7.

Not sure what I need to do and hoping somebody from eM Client can give me a steer :slight_smile:


Just a suggestion - you could try downloading version 6 from here (below Free Download button) and install so you can then deactivate it:

Might be a bit of a hassle but something you can do that might work so you can get version 7 installed.

Any suggestions from the company please? Will de-authorising and uninstalling allow me to try version 7?