Treating email's body and signatures as two separate files

I always thought that the body of the email was processed independently of the the email signature’s. But that’s not the case. The email’s body takes the CSS of the signature. These “two” files are therefore not processed in a sequential manner but as if they are one single file.

AFAIK, there’s nothing in the eMC documentation that prohibits or advises against the use of CSS in signatures.

Which leads to aberrations that greatly limit the creativity in designing email signatures.
In the image below, for example, the bullets in the message body are distorted due to the < li > CSS in the signature. And the table takes exactly the width and characteristics of that of the signature.

How to isolate the two? Unless I’m missing something |once again| obvious here.

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I always thought that the body of the email was processed independently of the the email signature’s

Most clients that I’m aware of “don’t normally separate” the signature in a separate part of the body of the email.

The signature is normally just an addition to the bottom of the email “in the same page html code”, so any manual code changes normally then affects the whole overall email body page.

Might be a feature request to do that.

Thank you @cyberzork.
I have no idea how other email apps treat this matter but it is really disappointing. This is a major technological step backwards in a sense for us! With all due respect.

A temporary workaround my design team has found is to inline CSS (by using the “style” attribute inside HTML tags) instead of the internal way of inserting CSS (that uses a < style > element in the < head > section). Stultifying, fastidious, and time-consuming, but it works.

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That’s great you found a way around the issue :smiley: Well done.

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Aha! Found the culprit! I knew I wasn’t senile yet. I have seen this even before Thunderbird was born, on some experimental versions of Eudora Mail.

Anyway, I just did some testing and Thunderbird does perfectly what it says it does: it ATTACHES a signature when you choose one from a file (but it merges it to the email’s body when one uses a HTML signature text, exactly like eMC does).

eMC developing team, please sharpen your pens! If Thunderbird does it, eMC could as well! Thank you in advance because inserting a signature from a file and rendering files sequentially is a must for us! And I am sure for other users as well.

PS. I’ve just noticed that the “Insert > File” option is greyed out in the “New Signature” box (I’m using V9 Pro - Latest release for Windows).

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