Trash won't sync with - gives "500" error

Using EMClient 7.1.33101.0 paid version.

Syncing via ActiveSync with

All has been mostly well until I decided to “clean up” my Trash folder.  I went through and deleted a bunch of unread trash items.  Apparently “too many” because this is when the problem started.

Not sure if it’s EMClient that had a cow or, but now my EMClient says I only have 185 unread items in  Trash. shows the 1,120 or so items so it never got the sync.

Now, every time I close and then start EMclient I get the ubiquitous:
An error occurred
Deleting items in folder " /Trash/’ failed due to the following error:
The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error

You could remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. It is good practice to make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before deleting accounts.

It appears that doing a “repair” on the Trash folder only fixed the issue.

Glad you got it sorted Kevin.