Trash only keeping 2 days worth of emails

eM is removing deleted emails from trash (emptying trash) older than 2 days.
(I read in Forum someone being sarky about what should happen to trash emails, but sometimes we need to go back in “history” to check on something that was deleted - mistakes have been known to be made!)
Where should I be looking to stop this?
Thanks in anticipation.

eM is removing deleted emails from trash (emptying trash) older than 2 days

eM Client has an option in Settings / General to “Empty trash on exit”, but not automatically delete trash after 2 days. So something else is causing it.

Mail servers have different options to auto delete Trash after X days like with Gmail which auto deletes mail in Trash after 30 days.

So check in your online mailbox settings if you have any settings to auto delete trash after 2 days.

Apart from that, check in eM Rules via “Menu / Rules” just incase you somehow setup a rule to do that.

There is no “Rule” that could be doing this.
There is no “auto delete” set up for the trash.
My mail server deletes trash at the end of the day BUT eM is not set up to synchronise (is that relevant?)
Once eM downloads emails to my computer, all actions/editing etc should take place on my computer, no?.
All files, trash included, should stay in my computer until I or eM do something with them.
There must be a setting somewhere which is deleting the trash.

No, that’s not how IMAP or Exchange works. With those the messages are stored on the server, and the email application just gives you a cached view of the server something like a webmail interface. If it is deleted from the server, you won’t see it in eM Client either.

If you want to download and store your messages locally, then you need to setup the account manually as POP3. POP3 stores everything locally, so if the Trash is emptied on the server it won’t affect the messages in the email application. Full instructions on manual setups can be found in the Documentation (F1) under Getting Started.

Many thanks Gary
As always you hit the nail on the head with a concise answer!
Much appreciated.