trash in trash

Problem started recently.
When deleting an email in emCient it creates a new trash folder, called [IMAP]/Trash, and when logging in to Gmail - same account - there is a new label with the same name created.
Sometimes there is a Trash in the Trash bin, and sometimes it comes with the label [Gmail]/Trash.
I clean it all up in both emClient and in Gmail, but it keeps coming back when deleting a new email.
Using emClient 6.0.22344.0
Any ideas?

Hello Andreas, this is a folder setup in your account setting under Tools > Accounts, please check your application and account settings and adjust the option up to your preference, you can change the default folder settings in Tools > Accounts > Your account > IMAP > Default folders.

Make sure to setup the default folders based on your folders online the, Gmail/[Trash] folder should be referring to your online “Trash” folder. You can however setup the application to move your deleted items into any folder on your server or your account.

Hope this helps,