Trash folder server sync and mail deletion

Hey guys,
I am a quite new eM Client user, installed it 1 month ago. Now I am missing deleted or better mails in my trash folder. I looks like eM Client is deleting mails automatically 1 week after moving them to the trash folder. Is this right? How can I change this behaviour? I have unlimited storage space so I don’t need a rule for deleting mails in my trash folder after one week.

eM Client option is to delete messages on exit (menu/tools/settings/general/general) or do not delete them at all.  However, how long trash is kept may be up to your email provider.  For example, Gmail deletes trash after 30 days.  The best thing to do is to copy deleted items into a local folder.  the provider cannot delete these messages.

Make sure local folders a showing-- menu/tools/settings/general/general and check “Show local folders”

To add to Jay’s comment, with my provider I can set the retention date of my trash folder, so that is definitely a place to start looking. Another possibility is that another device that is connected to the same IMAP account is deleting the trash after a week.

I used Thunderbird before switching to eM Client and there wasn’t a feature like that. This is why I think eM Client deleted my mails.

eM Client can’t delete emails without your action.  Do check with your provider.  To reiterate Gary’s question, is it possible another device (phone, tablet, etc.) is actually deleting these messages and it has that setting?

I asked my provider now. My phone has access to my Mails. But I changed nothing in the settings or switched Apps. That is why I don’t think this is the source of my problem.

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Table: LocalMailContents
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Not really the subject of this string, but it appears that your database is corrupt.  It’s best to delete the database and start with a fresh one.  To do this:

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Navigate to c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming (note: this is a hidden folder, so make sure “Hidden items” is checked in the Windows Explorer “View” menu)
3.  Change the name of the eM Client folder to eM Client.old
4.  Restart eM Client.  This will create a fresh database
5.  Reenter your account information.

If your account is IMAP or Exchange, the account will resynchronize.  If it is a POP3 and you have made a backup, you can restore it now.  If it is POP3 and you have not made a backup, you will loose all of your previous emails.