"Trash" folder does not sync

The “Trash” folder does not sync with my Outlook email account. All the other folders sync. Any suggestions appreciated.

eM Client version 9.2.1735 (3d90379).

The Trash folder in eM Client is the Deleted Items folder in the Outlook.com webmail.

Can you check if they have the same contents?

Yes they have the same contents. The Trash folder syncs the messages that have been deleted (to Trash), but when I empty it in either eM Client on my PC or iPhone mail app, it won’t sync. I have to empty Trash separately for each client. Thank you.

Empty the Trash in eM Client. Give it a few seconds and the go to webmail. Is the Deleted Items folder empty?

Yes it’s empty in Outlook webmail.

Then the sync between eM Client and the server is working correctly.

If your other devices and apps are not syncing with the server, you will need to ask the app vendors for assistance.

FYI Gary, it was just a matter of changing a setting in my iPhone mail app to get it syncing. Thanks.

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