Trash folder bug

My trash folder is empty but the indication for content says there are 2 emails in it.

Have you checked the folders under LOCAL FOLDERS in the folder list?

That section shows empty for everything, but 2 items in a folder that I made called ‘Keep’.

If it’s and IMAP / Exchange type account, login to webmail and see it it’s in the trash / bin there. If it is, them delete it in the trash online and then close and reopen eM Client and click refresh at the top.

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately the trash folder in Webmail is empty. I seem to remember this happening before, a few years ago, and I think it was cured by eM Client. That was when I had support.

Right-click on the Trash folder and choose Properties > Repair.

I think I already tried that but just did it again to no avail. I appreciate the idea though.

It’s looking like there is no solution to this. I will have to live with it then!

You can remove the account from eM Client, then add it back again.

Thanks. Presumably I won’t lose all the settings and contacts if I do that?

Settings you won’t lose.

You shouldn’t lose any contacts. They are either stored in Local Folders, in which case this will have no effect on them, or they are stored on the server, in which case this will remove them from eM Client, but when you add the account back again, they will resync.

Make a backup using Menu > Backup before you remove the account, if you are unsure.

Great, thanks for the info