Trash doesn't seem to empty manually?

For some reason it seems I am unbale to empty what I put in the trash, when I click on empty nothing happens??
It used to work but not today, I have the latest version of eM Client 9.1.2109
Anyone know what’s going on here?

That is strange. Do you get any error message appear when you delete in eM Client ?

Also if you have an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account, can you delete or empty the trash in your mailbox online via a web browser ?.

I use Yahoo mail via eM Client so I checked the my Yahoo mail by going to the website and the trash is empty there. It seems to show 3 different emails with eM Client in the trash but when I try to open them nothing happens. It’s as if nothing is there but there is lol.
The only other thing I can think of is to delete eM Client altogether and then reinstall it again!

I use Yahoo mail via eM Client so I checked the my Yahoo mail by going to the website and the trash is empty there

As there is nothing showing in your Yahoo trash online yet it’s showing trash in your Yahoo account within eM Client that you cannot delete, then I would first try “repairing the trash folder”.

To repair your Trash folder in eM Client, Right click on the trash folder (under your Yahoo account) and click Properties at the bottom. Then click the Repair tab at the top, and finally click Repair.

If repairing the trash makes no difference, then then next thing is to remove and readd your Yahoo account “via the automatic email wizard” in eM Client.

Note: Before removing the account, backup first via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Lastly check what version of eM Client you have via “Menu / Help / About” incase you have an outdated version. You can get all the latest versions via the version history page.

Excellent information. I already checked a few days ago and I knew I had the latest version but I did what you said and clicked on repair with the trash bin and this had no effect. I then tried the other thing you mentioned and made sure to backup any data and then I removed my yahoo email account and reinstalled it.
Success this did indeed sort my problem out and now every seems to work as it should. Thank you for your help and time [cyberzork] you’ve been great and it’s much appreciated.
Regards Craig.

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