transparent overlay doesn't clear

If I attempt to move or copy a section of text in an email, a semi-transparent overlay appears and moves with the cursor. Fair enough; that’s not unusual. What has started to happen however is that this overlay doesn’t disappear from the screen when I release the cursor. The overlay in fact remains even when I move to different applications. The only way I can clear it is by shutting down eM Client and restarting it.

Hi, I’m not completely sure what overlay you have in mind. Would you be able to make a screenshot of the issue?
What version of eM Client are you using and what version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul

Have attached a couple of screenshots, showing the overlay remaining after I have released the text and intruding not only on the current email, but on eM Client behind AND another application. If I minimize eM Client (including the email I am working on), the overlay continues to remain on-screen.

Latest version of eM Client 6.0.20154.  IE is 11.09xxx so fairly recent but not sure how this is related.

Hope it helps!

Hi again, I don’t see any screenshots attached, can you make sure to post them here? Thank you.

Also eM Client is in few functions directly connected to Internet Explorer, for example for clipboard handling, image handling etc. So I though it might be causing it, please always make sure to update IE if you’re using eM Client, however currently it seems like it should be up to date…


Well, I’m darned! I uploaded two jpegs and they have disappeared. I’ll try again.
…Ah, I was supposed to hit an OK button. Here they are.

Two below. The first shows the overlay persisting during the edit of an email. But then when I minimize the email and eM Client, the overlay continues on the screen until I shut down eM Client.

OK, on IE. I usually install MS updates every few weeks so I’m not far out of date if at all. John


Hi again, I’ve just managed to replicate the issue, I’ve just been told that the issue is actually caused by a bug in Internet Explorer (that’s why I wanted to know the version), unfortunately as this is connected to IE instead of eM Client, I’m currently unable to provide a solution for this issue.

Some eM Client features a tightly connected to Internet Explorer so we are then affected by some bugs in their software as well, I hope you can still manage to use the application and I hope the bug will be fixed soon.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful,