Translation problem printing

I have this problem with the Free & Pro version,
If I receive an email in foreign language it translates perfectly on screen but when I print it comes out in the original foreign language, a Bug that they need to fix.

I have the same problem with my registered Pro.

The problem still exists with version 8.0.2016.0

I don’t know that it is a bug or problem as such, but rather the way the print works. It does, after-all, print the original message, whereas the translation is a display feature which does not change the original message. You can see this if you leave the message and come back to it later.

Maybe you could open an Idea thread on this forum, proposing this as a new feature request. If there is enough interest, eM Client developers will consider it.

But you can print the translated message by copying the contents and pasting it in a new document (Word, Libre Office, …)

Is this really the desired solution? I don’t think it’s very elegant.

Here’s a more elegant solution:

After translating, right-click on the body text and select all, then right-click again and choose Print.

You now have a translated version in the print preview. :wink:

These are all nice workarounds. I’d prefer a professional solution. In the sense of “waht you see is what you get”, the displayed content should be taken over into the print. This is what I hope and expect for version 8 of eM Client.

Then propose it as a feature request.

S ame problem with portuguese