Translation of existing email issue

Just installed a trial version of eM Client. I have several emails from someone in German. that were imported into the application. I have made sure that the translation is enabled and even indicated English was the destination language. However, when I display this email from this person there is no option under Menu | Tools that has Translation. I have to use the reply option and only then can I translate the message. Its there no way to either just right click on an existing message and select translate or at least select and area of text in an existing email and have it translate that?

It is not in a menu, but displayed right in the message preview:

It does also depends on the bulk of the message being in a language other than your selected language (English).

The menu option is for when you are composing a message and want to translate what you have written into another language before you send it.

Sorry but I do not see that being displayed in any of the 3 emails that this person had sent me and which eM Client imported from my Thunderbird configuration

Then it is possible that the bulk of the message is not in a language other than English.

There is also a possibility that you have selected to Never offer translations for German. It should be set to Ask instead.