Translation feature

I’ve used this app for many years and I think it’s the best, but I’ve always asked myself the same question.
If there’re several other free e-mail client apps in which exist the possibility to translate the messages.
What is the reason can’t “eM Client” do the same in its free version.?
As all we know, it offers do it only once as a limit time in its free version.

Unfortunately Free license users do not have access to all features, and unrestricted translation is one of those Pro license only features.

If you want all features, you will need to purchase a Pro license. We do have Black Friday deals coming this week, so look out for the announcement and you can save 50% on the purchase of your license.

Don’t worry, I’ve found out how to fix it.
It’s a bit longer the solution but it work (text select + a couple clics, that’s all).