Translate languages options

Good morning folks,
i see emclient has something never seen in other mail programs: a great structure about translating from different languages to the user’s default.
But i miss something: in the translating options the user can choose between “ask” or “never”: a third new option, something as “always”, would be important to reduce translation confirmation.
For example, i could feel the need to translate, just for example, from spanish to italian “all and always”
the messages received without confirmation…avoiding to click many times to accept translation.
Is it possibile to setup this way ?

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It may be that because this feature is limited in the Free License, that suggestion will not work. The Free License only allows a few translations per month.

But whatever the reason, it is an interesting suggestion. It used to be that we could vote on an idea on the old forum, and then the developers would take note of the interest shown. Hopefully with the new forum they will still take note even though we cannot vote. :wink: