transfert impossible


J’utilise la version 8.0.3283 d’eM client sur mon nouveau PC de bureau.
Je reçois bien mes mails, mais il m’est impossible d’en transférer car il me dit que je n’ai aucun compte de configuré. J’utilise la version 8.0.3355 sur mon ancien PC et cela fonctionnaliténement.

It may be that there was some issue with the setup, and the SMTP protocol is not present. That means you cannot send messages. You can verify this by going to Menu > Accounts, then in the General tab, SMTP should be listed under Services.

If it is not listed there, you can remove the account from eM Client, and then add it again. See if that makes any difference.

Best practice though when moving to a new computer is to backup eM Client on the old (Menu > Backup), then copy the zip file to the new computer and restore it (Menu > File > Restore). That way all your settings etc. will be copied over, as well as any local data, and it should work exactly as it did before.