transferring lience to new computer and laptop

 transferring license to new computer and laptop … i had email client on both old computer and laptop and for some reson yall keep sending the same code so i can not get both working correctly … HELP!!!

Whenever you change computers, it is always best to deactivate the license on the old computer first.  To do this, go to menu/help/license and click “Deactivate”.  This will allow you to easily activate the new client using the existing key.  If you have a Pro version and did not deactivate, you can go to their license manager at  Your credentials should have been sent to you at the time you purchased the product.

If you have a free license, you actually should be able to activate the new computer without deactivating the old license (again, using the same key).

If you are still having problems and you have a Pro account you can enter a support ticket.  If you are using the free version try contacting

thanks  much for the help :>)

Hi Debby,

In addition to Jay Ogram’s answer above :

FWIW.  , Please keep in mind that you’re only allowed 1 license per device,
so for 2 computers, laptop and desktop, you’ll need 2 licenses.
That requirement applies to both the Free and the Pro version…