transferring contacts to new computer

Have transferred contacts to new computer but names are missing. e.g. Doug Smith email is  Previously I could type doug and his email would come up.
Now there are no suggestions and looking in contact list it shows ds123. No contacts have their given names, but in the ‘full name’ is ds123, not doug smith. All contacts are the same, no full names only the bit before @

How did you transfer the contacts?

If you imported from a CSV file, then you need to map the fields in the CSV to the fields in eM Client.

Clicking the down arrow in the header will enable you to select which field in eM Client that field will be mapped.

I didn’t do it…I can just about type on computer. But the person who set up the new computer says that they were already there when he put on emclient.  He has suggested just putting them all on again manually…but with over 1000 people in my contact list, this is not an option!

Ask the person who setup eM Client for you to contact me . I will see what we can do.

Have been in contact and now all solved. Great - thanks a bunch.