Transfer of folder structure

I installed eM Client on one laptop to use instead of Outlook. I managed to transfer all the old emails and their existing folder (directory) structure, which I can see within the Local Folders structure. I have now bought a new laptop and installed eM Client on it and have added my two previously existing accounts (Gmail and Hotmail). However, I don’t see why I can’t transfer/import the old structure to my new laptop. On the new laptop I can see Smart Folders, my Gmail, my Hotmail, and Local Folders but Local Folders doesn’t contain the structure or emails.

Am I overlooking something very simple?

No, you haven’t overlooked anything Steve.

Local Folders, as the name implies, are local, so not synced with the server. If you want those folders to be synced across devices, move them to one of the email accounts you have.

If you are just moving from one computer to another, then backup eM Client on the old (Menu > File > Backup) and restore that on the new (Menu > File > Restore).