Transfer messages from Windows Live

Unfortunately WLM is not sending or receiving due to an error code and I am therefore attempting to transfer from WLM to eM Client. I have set up eM Client and have gone through the process of transferring e-mails - many of which have successfully transferred (including the Contacts) but eM Client is not identifying some of the folders in WLM which I also need to transfer.

Any advice as to how to resolve this would be gratefully received.

Wouldn’t it be easier to resolve the problem?

Even if you create the folders on your eMC WLM account and copy the current emails, presumably you still won’t be able to access WLM until you fix the problem?

I can still access the new e-mails by going in via the Virgin Media link and via my iPad. The problem is that there are a lot of e-mails on my PC which I want to transfer but they are not on the Virgin or iPad versions. Oddly, eCM has picked up and transferred some files from the PC but not all.

What if you Export the files to a stick drive in .eml format and then Import them to wherever you want in your eMC account.

You can create whatever folders you need under the account in question (right-click on account name).

Will that work for you?

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I’d worked out how to set up new folders so, hopefully, it will work.
Btw, having set up the account on the PC do you know if I can set up the same account on my Android phone - I’ve not been able to find a way so far.

I believe eMC is for Windows & MacOS only - there is no Android app