Transfer emails to Gmail


How can I transfer (export) my current emails in em client folders to gmail?

Than you!

There may be other methods that I’m not aware of, but what comes to my mind is:

  1. Create a Gmail account here.
  2. Set up the Gmail account in eM Client. In eM Client go to Tools / Accounts / New Account / Mail / Gmail, then click Next, then enter your Gmail email address and password. 
  3. After the new account is set up in eM Client your Gmail folders should appear in eM Client along with your existing mail folders. 
  4. Go to your existing account, choose a folder full of messages that you want to have in Gmail, right click on the folder, select either Copy Folder or Move Folder, then select the main folder of the newly created Gmail account and your mail will be copied or moved to Gmail. 
    eM Client automatically syncs with Gmail, so the copied mail will appear in your Gmail account within minutes.

Hi Denis, are you currently using local folders or another IMAP type account? If you have your items in eM client, all you should need to do is to setup your new gmail account in eM Client and simply use the Move To/Copy To folder feature on your items.

You can also export the current items out of eM Client using the export feature, but I believe using the Move to, feature that can also be assigned to a shortcut in the application is much more comfortable.

Yup. That’s basically what I did to move email from one IMAP server to another. I had both accounts open in eM Client and then just moved from the old account to the new account. Took a while to copy considering all the emails I had, but quite easy.

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