Transfer emails from old computer to a new one

I have bought a new computer running window 11. I would like to transfer my emails from my old computer (running windows 10) to the new one. I have read some threads on this topic and I saw that quite a few people had difficulty transferring their emails from an old computer to the new one. There is some confusion on this process, it is not that easy as it should be. Because I’m not sure how to do that I would like to ask you if you could help me. I think there are two options.
1)The first option is to make a backup file. I noticed though that there are two Backup tabs on eM Client. The first one is found on Menu>Backup and the other one is on Menu>Settings>General>Backup. So which one of these two backup tabs I should use?
After I do the Backup I should use the Restore option (Menu>File>Restore) to restore my emails to the new computer. Am I right?
2)The other option is to Export the emails and then Import them to the new computer. Menu>File> Export and then Menu>File>Import.

I have eM Client version 8.2

From the eMC Knowledge base…

Thanks for a quick response. I’ll follow your advice and hopefully things will run smoothly.