Transalation Services no longer work

Whenever a foreign mail comes in and you click the translate “now” link at the top you get a winodw that pops up to say:

“The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden”.

Been that way for a couple of days now

Version: 7.2.50008.0

Translation services are no longer allowed for version 7. Sorry.

We did send you a message recently announcing this, and offering you an upgrade discount.

I certainly didn’t get that. Can you resend?

Here is the message again:

eM Client previously used Microsoft technology for its automatic translation of emails. A year ago we reconsidered this and decided to switch to a solution by Lingvanex, which provides high-speed, next-gen translation service based on cutting-edge AI and latest scientific researches.
This service runs on our own servers so we can ensure privacy of your data and prevent any potential data leaks to 3rd parties. In this architecture, we can fully guarantee uninterrupted service in the long-term. We kept the same range of supported languages as before so as a user, you will still get the same functionality but with better translation quality and privacy.

We are reaching out because it seems you are running eM Client 7 or an even older version, so once we fully discontinue the Microsoft translation service for our app, this feature would stop working for you. This new translation service is available starting with version eM Client 8.2.1721 and newer.

This is why we’re offering a 20% discount for eM Client 9 upgrade, so you can not only continue using automatic mail translation, but also gain access to the newest PRO features such as Threads, Undo Send, Tracking pixel detection and more.

This offer is valid until February 28th, 2023.

Its already passed Feb 28th, can I still get the discount?

Its already passed Feb 28th, can I still get the discount as I never received this e-mail and feels a little unfair that I’m losing access to one of the main features I bought the software for?

You may have intended to send this out, but you did not (not to everyone at least).

No, not everyone would have received the email. Only those with version 7 and older licenses.

I had version 7 and never received the e-mail.