Tracking Pixel Query in free version

I am using the free version and generally avoid downloading images.

Sometimes when I have opened an email, a “tracking pixel” symbol will appear in the inbox listing against the email even though I have not downloaded any images. What is this telling me?

Is it telling me that if I download images I will also download a tracking pixel?

Or, despite not downloading images, have I already downloaded the tracking pixel?

I like to preserve my privacy where possible and don’t quite understand how this works.

Many thanks

Tracking pixels will be downloaded if you are using a Free license. You will need a Pro license to block them.

You should see this text in the message preview:


Thanks for that Gary I have seen that message, but the essence of my question is … are they downloaded even when you do not download images?

Yes, as I said, the pixels will be downloaded if you are using a Free License.

Info from Fastmail: A tracking pixel, sometimes called a spy pixel, is a remotely-hosted image included in an email. It can be as small as a single pixel in size, making it invisible to you, the reader.

Therefore if I haven’t downloaded the images I assume I haven’t downloaded the pixel - that’s all I was asking Gary. If I am being a pain not understanding your answers, my apologies. Perhaps somebody else will be happy to explain in a way my simple brain can process :slightly_smiling_face:.

With a Free license, when you open a message from a new sender and you have blocked external content, you will be asked if you want to download images.

At this stage no external content has been downloaded.

If you select to download images in that message, or you have previously whitelisted that sender, then all images will be downloaded including tracking pixels, so you get this message:


If you have activated a Pro license, it is different. Initially you get this:

And even after you have downloaded images, tracking pixels are not downloaded with a Pro license unless you click to allow that.

Apologies for any confusion.

When I get the message "Tracking pixel has been detected and downloaded. You can block it with the pro version. There’s no way to download images.