Totally useless translation feature

What is the purpose of this feature if it never works properly?

If the first few words in an email are in the native language, such as a greeting, no translation is even offered.

If the email is redirected, there is no translation function either. Why is there no separate icon for this function or in the context menu? Do the developers not understand that this function is implemented very inconveniently?

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I must agree. I wrote a small email just for testing (in danish), emClient thought it was ‘catalanian’ and offered to tranlate it.
Translating is NOT easy! Even Google and Microsoft have troubles doing it correctly. And if the first step (detecting the language) fails, then it just gets worse.

Translation works on the bulk of the text in the message being in a language other than what you are using. It doesn’t depend on where it is. So in this example, you can see the first paragraph is in my native language, the second is in German, but the larger third one is in French and that is what is offered for translation.

Unfortunately language is difficult to detect when there are very few words. So if you receive an email with say 10 or less words, there really isn’t enough to accurately detect what language it is. And similarities with words in different languages may detect it differently to what you expect in shorter texts.

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I agree that it’s difficult if not impossible. So I think emClient should take the consequence of that and not suggest something when there are so few words. Currently it’s just annoying.

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