Total Failure of EM Client

OMG today when I tured opened the EM client …it had suffered a total failure I was so shocked I didnt even realize it…as I opened the program i realized it was all new. everything was lost…this is my business account…everything is gone. has this ever happeded before. I dont even know where to start so much is gone. wanda
rapid drive software


could you send us more info about your failure? Do you have a free or professional license ? Please send us more details to:

Thank you.

eM Client team.

BTY, I managed to figure out what the heck happened. Some how I got logged in to or started my computer in guest…it was horrifying…but then i started missing all sorts of things …Thank God I got up and walked around the building. instead of a back up restore…Now I have NO idea how my computer started in guest or logged in to another account-which i dont have but…thats what happened. All I know I was so happy to see my emclient…almost better than sex.