Topic prefix auto-adjustment

It would be nice to be able to automatically adjust topic prefixes - mostly reduce them to only a single one. What I mean is to have e.g. simply “RE: [original topic]” instead of "RE: Re: Fw: Odp.: [original topic]. Having “Re:[2]” etc. is nice, but doesn’t solve the problem.

Outlook is able to do so, yet not in a perfect way. The Bat! is excellent in doing so, but one needs to manually write a simple macro in order to achieve this (it just requires you to manually add prefixes you want to remove and replace by a single one).

I believe it’s a piece of cake for eM Client developers to write a code with such a rule - can you please do so?

Can you achieve what you want by using the first option in the “subject modification for replies” option in the settings?

Tools --> Settings --> Mail --> Replies and forwards

screen shot:

I have it enabled, however it somehow does not recognize prefixes written in capitals, as Outlook does… Thus I’m getting e.g. “Re: RE: [original subject]” :frowning:

The other thing would be to make eM Client recognize national prefixes like ODP: in Poland. I remember there was a subject on forum related to Dutch prefixes as well.

This looks more like issue, could you please send me some email from outlook with RE: to my email (not exported just testing email so I can see this issue by myself) to [email protected], join url to this topic into that email so I can easily find realted topic.