Toolbar configuration

First off, I just want to say – overall, I think this app is quite nice.

I see from searching that this has been mentioned before (though perhaps not recently?), but I just wanted to reiterate it:  It would _really_ be a nice enhancement to allow configuration of the Toolbar.  As it stands, the toolbar items are too small and not in an order I find intuitive.  And there are several I do not use and would remove if I could.  (For my own taste, I would prefer just icons without the text, too; but that may just be me).

Another idea:  In calendar Month View, swipe left to go back one month / right to go forward one month (in other words, swipe left/right duplicates the function of the < and > arrows).

Thanks again for a nice app.


Hello John,
thank you for your ideas, we do not plan on letting users change their Toolbar items at the moment, but we’ll consider the changes to the size or style of the Tollbar and the Month View Calendar swiping in future updates.

Best regards,

I know you don’t.  I just thought I’d add mine to the chorus of voices wishing for it …