Tool Bar

Installed ver. 6 yesterday. It did a poor job of importing Tbird data, other than that the install went smooth.

I have noticed the following and wonder if there are fixes for them …

  1. Contact book does not save my manual changes.

  2. Tool bar items/buttons are fixed in place. Would be nice if they behaved like most all other email clients. For free I won’t complain but I am willng to pay for the program, but not for a hobbled program.

  3. “invite to eM client” is not removeable from tool bar. This is an annoying and for me a worthless feature. I see others have complained about this as well. I use my email for business and personal matters and not for social networking the eM client. This is the greatest reason I have not purchased eM client yet.

best regards


  1. Do you edit local or online account contacts? If online then what email service provider do you use?
  2. eM Client does not support editable toolbar and we do noo plan it in close future.
  3. This button is hidden for users with pro license.