Too much Syncing going on?

I have just started using eM client (with my LiveMail account) and I like it. However, with previous desktop mail programs, I liked the fact that I could push send / Receive and the check would complete in a couple of seconds. eM client syncs all it’s folders Takes about 2 minutes on my slow connection. Can I set it to ONLY check the inbox? and NOT synch other irrelevant folders? Any help appreciated.

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible with eM Client, not at the moment.
We’re considering this feature for future releases.

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Thanks Paul, response much appreciated.

Is any progress being made with this? Getting new mail and syncing are 2 different tasks. They should be able to be run on different schedules. I’d like to check my mail every 5 minutes but synchronize every hour or longer. It’s annoying that it has to spend many minutes synchronizing just to get new mail.

Hi, you can adjust your sync period in your application settings in Tools > Settings > General > Synchronize items every X minutes. However your IMAP accounts keep an IDLE connection with your mail server to fetch new items as soon as they become available on the server in your Inbox, regardless of the synchronization period setting.

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That’s cool. So new mail gets fetched instantly but syncing happens at the interval set in settings? Seems a bit overkill for someone like me that hardly ever gets any mail. How much bandwidth does that use up when not getting any new mail?

Sorry to nerco this thread, but still…something needs to be done here.  When synchronizing, I can’t read new messages that have not yet been downloaded; I can’t write new messages (the compose window shows, but you can’t click in the msg body or write); I can’t get new mail; and my inbox does not sync (so if I go to my phone, it will still have messages I have already deleted on the desktop).  I have a large number of folders in my Microsoft Exchange setup.  So, it takes a very long time to process them, even if there are no changes in any but the inbox.  

I have been checking out the program over the past day.  I really like it, and I want to use it (and I would buy), but I can’t like this.  It’s the single reason I would stay with Outlook.  Any hope of a fix soon?  

I have had the same problem for months and have provided the folks in tech support screen shots and the like to help them understand that during a sync, you basically cannot do anything while it locks things down including writing or reading emails.  It appears that when the sync takes a long period of time, this happens even more so.  I have a work acct that has over a hundred folders and emclient has to sync with every single one of them every time it does its sync and that can take up to 4 minutes.  Very frustrating indeed.  Maurice Hester was looking into this but I am not sure they really understand this is a global issue and not just one of 2 people that are having this. 

Hmm, my sync happens in the background, I can create new messages.  I am using IMAP for google and EWS for exchange,  I do have my sync progress hidden via the interface options, can you try that?

Is that the “Show window on send and receive” setting you’re talking about?


That setting is already off for me, yes.  

I received a reply to my support ticket.  I was using the beta from a few days ago for what I reported, but it seems as if they have a later beta.  I have only been using it for a handful of minutes, but so far, it seems to work massively better.  I am going to check it out more to be sure, but you do the same Ed, and let me know how it is for you too!

Update:  Well, it’s still happening sometimes (a mail won’t show contents, for example), but it does seem to be working better anyway.  More testing…

I just updated from 30166 to 30339 so I will watch to see what happens on my end with sync and the inability to read bodies while sync is going on…

I downloaded the latest EC setup two days ago. No problems installing. There are a few problems in the 'running though. The synchronizing with a host of sub-folders on my GMail account is completely unnecessary. And unwanted. All that I want is for the [Inbox] to be synchronised.

I cannot find any adjustment in the Tools/Settings or anywhere else. If I have missed something, can someone post how I can solve this?? It’s just so unnecessary.

I have changed to EC from Thunderbird because Thunderbird ‘collapsed’ on me after 8 years of use. EC looks very clean and polished.

GMail is essentially just a single All Mail folder with all the email stored there. The folders you see in eM Client are labels on those emails, translated into folders. So there is no way to differentiate which labels to sync and which to not.
In GMail settings you can hide labels, but then they will not show up as folders in eM Client either.