Too Many Errors Using eM Client

I’m not a technical user of eM Client, I wanted a better client than Outlook and eM comes highly recommended on various Sites/Forums.

But I have had nothing but problems - connecting to servers, sending, receiving, junk email shows empty yet it has messages when I go directly to the email account.

I use two Hosts, Microsoft and SiteRubix, I have a total of ten email accounts for private and business use.

Am I doing something wrong?

In this example, there are no issues with Server availability and the Settings are correct.

Hi Sean,

It’s partly caused by eM Client’s high fault sensitivity. eM Client reports also marginal errors with no effect of functionality, which other email clients don’t even report to the user. In this case it’s probably just temporary server unavailability as eM Client was unable to reach the server while syncing. If the sync runs smoothly, there is no need to worry.

If you wish to see less error pop-up windows, I’d recommend hiding the error window in Menu > Tools  > Settings > General > Operation window.