Too many emails sent error

I keep getting an error when I send more than 1 email to the same group. They are on a distribution list. Aggravating!!!

Too many emails sent error.

I keep getting an error when I send more than 1 email to the same group.

“Too many emails” sent via a distribution list could mean eg: your (smtp) sending mail server doesn’t allow that much email to be sent (at one time) in a day and might have a limit, or the receiving mail server eg: might have a limit in a day so rejects it.

Click “Show Operations” via the dropdown on the right of Refresh at the top left, and then click the “Log tab” on the right and look for any obvious errors. Then paste them in this thread.

jueves 15 junio 2023 :: 0935hrs (UTC -0500)

As @cyberzork says there will probably be server restrictions, you should if you do not have direct control over your mail server, insert a 10/20 second pause after each batch of a number, say half of any quantity limit - we routinely pause 10 seconds after every 75 emails to overcome bandwidth jams.
We do not do this with eMC, we use a mass mail program mailing out an update newsletter of 75,000 / week



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I can send things out of my webmail so the problem has to be with eClient
Now I can’t send anything…even singles.
Here is the error note

7:14:52 AM MailClient.Storage.Application.ItemOperationException: Cannot send message (Email body not accepted due to the following reason:
7:14:52 AM "4.7.0 [P-RLAD] Too many messages sent today.
7:14:52 AM ")

Your email provider will have a limit on the number of emails you can send through SMTP, so from an email application - any email application. They don’t have the same restriction on webmail.

And this is the restriction from their server. You will need to contact them and see if they can increase your limit if you need to send more messages than they allow, or if not, just remain within the limit they have.

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