Too many e-mails in junk folder

There are 2100+ e-mails in my junk folder. Not all of them are spam, many of them are important e-mails. On my webmail client (squirrelmail webmail), everything is ok. In the junk folder over there, there’s only spam in it. Just the way it should be. How can I change the settings of emclient, so that it does not put regular e-mails in the junk folder? There are 2100+ in it and there should

Hello James, eM Client does not include any advanced mail filtering options, if a message is moved to the spam folder, it can only be done by a manually setup rule or by the server side filter. If you’re using IMAP, eM Client should automatically synchronise your folders with the server content including the SPAM folder, if however you’re not using a server protocol used for message sync, your messages are saved in different folders on your computer only.