Todoist integration: When to expect?

I need Todoist integration in my e-mail client.
Does eM Client support Todoist integration? If not, when can it be expected?
Todoist is a crucial part of our work routine.

Looking forward to get some upodat on that.

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I personally use the Tasks in eM Client for my Todos

Using the eM-Client for my task doesn’t work for me. Need a cloud (task-) solution (like ToDoist) to which I can dock my various devices.

I found this thread, I realize it is old, but as a person who also uses Todoist I was wondering if there might be any plans for some integration?

I know eM Client supports tasks native but since it doesn’t do well with recurring tasks and there isn’t a complete version of a mobile app yet, Todoist has become my goto task manager.

Getting an integration would be fantastic!


Would really REALLY like to see my todoist tasks inside eM Client.