Today's update

My eM Client is VERY laggy and keeps crashing and I’m unable to downgrade

nope. no lags, no crashes here


Hello Ran,
are you talking about version 7.0.27920.0?
If so, could you please copy the crash reports/error messages?

You can always downgrade eM Client by uninstalling the program (don’t worry, your database won’t be removed) and installing any of the older releases from our history page


I had the same synch issues as the “syncronization error with gmail” post

seems to be working better now…not sure what was changed, but I lost a day’s work because of this upgrade

Hello Ran,
since only few users documented this issue and we have not heard back, it is quite possible this was just a temporary server bug.
If the issue reoccurrs, please screenshot the error message and attach the content of the Operations>Log tab.


I have experienced no crashes ever, neither with V6 nor with V7. At the beginning V7 was slower than V6 and the improvements didn’t seem worth the trouble, so I downgraded without any trouble at all. After that I tried every new update to V7 and back again to V6, not ever having any trouble with the downgrading and upgrading process.
The only trouble I had was with my outlook account. I solved that by deleting the account and setting it up manually as exchange accooount.
Since version 7.0.27894 emClient is very fast: start up time (5 minutes after system boot) five seconds. Today I was even reminded by the programme that there was a new update available:

I am an easy customer, meaning no rules, no aliases, no distribution lists. Just 5 accounts, 3 with my ISP, one gmail and one Everything works as advertised, so I think I am staying with V7.
My only remainig gripe is that I don’t see anything that is really better (for my demands) than V6, so that it would justify three times the disk space and three times the RAM demandof  of V7 over V6.


I have experienced similar problems with V7.  It loses the Inbox window, it is sluggish, and often needs to be restarted.  Not necessarily a crash, it just goes away.

V6 is much more stable.