I love the product but could you please give the user the ability to color and shade “today’s date box in monthly view” so that today is easier to find? I could not find this option anywhere.

Hope this comes more easier than now.
You can save a Theme and edit the color.
Just change the line <calendarmonthviewtodaybackground>#BED5F8</calendarmonthviewtodaybackground>
to <calendarmonthviewtodaybackground>#F67D7D</calendarmonthviewtodaybackground>

You can also change the color of the active day here:

So it’s easier to find the active day and todays day.

Here you can download the Theme-File:…
Just unpack an copy it to C:/Program Files/eM Client/Themes/
then select under Extra->Preferences->Design “from File” and
select the file tm-Design and apply.

Then you have a red border around the today-day and a light-yellow
background of the selected day. And a light-gray background of the

works fine, thanks a lot.

Theme has been updated……
Changing color in e-mail-list now darker for better viewing.

Very nicely done.

Auch nach mehreren Jahren funktioniert es gut und schafft eine bessere  Erkennung des aktuellen Tages - Danke!