To make eM Client a common standard email client!

Actually, as I mentioned before, eM Client is a wonderful software to handle our messages.
There is only one point making me doubt sometimes: eM Client isn’t supported by so many standards. To simplify you can find different softwares out there supporting this and that for Outlook and Thunderbird but none for eM Client. I take an example: I use MailStore Home to backup/sync my messages. It supports many other email clients but not eM Client. It can support any email client with mail extentions such as EML or MBOX or…but eM Client uses DAT files.
How about making eM Client follow same international standards of email clients?

actually messages in eM Client are in eml format. The dat files are only database files - you have to export your mails first. I hope it helps you.

Clarified! Thanks!