Title with no content

  • Hey , I get a title in my email on em client with no content, but on gmail I can see the content .can anybody tell me what shell I do ?

I had the same problem this morning (v. 7.0.25507.0). All the headers were showing but the message pane was stuck. No matter which email I selected, it didn’t show up in the message pane. Opening the message in a separate window worked. I uninstalled eM Ckient and installed it again, to no avail. At first I thought there might be a problem with the internet connection but Thunderbird and Outlook 2016 worked just fine. I did realise that Chrome also reacted rather sluggischly.

After two hours the problem solved itself. I was converting a large video file from 4k to 960x540 using AVS VideoConverter in the background. Obviously this took up so many resources that eM Client (and Chrome) couldn’t run properly - although Outlook and Thundrbird were not affected at all.

Maybe the devolpers shoulod “streamline” the code a bit. it did strike me as odd, that the size of the installer went up from 14.8 MB (V6) to 46.9 MB in V7, more that triple the size for some meager improvements.


Are problems like these still present with the newest updates or do the messages load completely now? Thank you.

No such problems with version 7.0.27943.0. But I also didn’t have to convert massive video files in the background either.

Thank you for the reply. If there are problems again, please, let us know.

Problem is back. I can see all the subject lines but none of the content from the thousands of emails I have appear.  After I close eM, I’m unable to restart without restarting windows. Even then, it takes about 2 minutes to get eM up. After restart, content now appears as normal. 

trying out the free version at the moment and absolutely LOVE so many of the great features but the bugs are a bit of a pain.

Just trying out eM Client for the first time…and it’s behaving the same for me.  *All* e-mails have no bodies (To/from/date/subject line appear fine, but the content is just empty, whether I view it in the preview pane or double-click to open in a separate window).  If I view the message source, it’s there…

Does the message appear the same if you move it to Local Folders?