Title Bar Changes

The most recent update replaced title bar at the top with a disgusting Windows 8 / Office 13 style title bar. The fact that this program looked good on my windows 7 machine is one of the reasons I purchased it. PLEASE add an option for Windows 7 users to use our system theme for the title bar instead of forcing terrible Windows 8 / Office 13 styling on us! This is a HUGE deal-breaker for people like me!

Hi, this is not planned. We have changed 6th version for modern looks of modern UI theme for Windows 8 as Windows 7 are slowly being replaced by Windows 8.


I agree. The title bar is the first thing that put me off when I updated to ver 6.0. Not only is it ugly, but it also takes up valuable vertical space. Please remove it!

Hi Jan (John?). Thanks for your response.

From what I understand from Windows user forums, people are being slow to change to Windows 8 (and even switching to Apple and Linux OS distributions in record numbers) precisely BECAUSE of the “new look” and lack of visual customization options that Windows 8 forces on its users. It’s the same reason so many people are sticking with office 10 instead of upgrading to newer versions.

I’m definitely not suggesting that we go back to the old version of eM Client outright. It is important to serve your Windows 8 users. But to make this new Windows 8 theme the ONLY option for all users shows a profound disrespect to your Windows 7 user base, many of whom purchased this program precisely because it offered an ALTERNATIVE to Microsoft’s useful but visually-unappealing and infuriatingly-uncustomizable products.

I purchased this program a few months ago and have no plans to ever switch to Windows 8. And this new look is simply too stylistically-incompatible with my Windows 7 machine to use anymore. Is there any way to get my money back?

It doesn’t even look right on Windows 8. It doesn’t follow theme colour. The title bar is always white, making it nearly impossible to tell if the application has focus or not.

I don’t mind a Windows 8 look at all, but this doesn’t look like it at all.

Hi, you can change colour in Tools - Settings - Appearance - Themes.


Hi, unfortunately we do not plan to implement option for Windows 7 which will be used less and less after Win 8.1 update, only thing planned is to make all windows same even under Windows 7.


My Windows theme color changes automatically with my desktop wallpaper (A Windows 8 feature), and my wallpaper changes automatically on a schedule. Why can’t Emclient just behave like a normal application window? It would look correctly in whatever operating system it happens to run on.

Also, no matter what Emclient theme I choose, the titlebar inactive color never changes, so it’s impossible to tell if the application has focus or not.

Like almost every software in these days, to be honest with exception of “shading” around software window’s border I am no aware which one does this.


I’m running Windows 8.1 and this fake title bar just doesn’t fit. It’s the wrong color - always looks like it’s inactive - and sometimes when you drag the window around it lags behind the mouse or is offset from the mouse. Why not just use “proper” windows borders? Bah.

Well to be honest our developers and designer runs on windows 8 and 8.1, so there is reason why eM client looks like it looks and why we consider it looking good.

Also if you care about colours you can change them by changing your theme in tools - settings - appearance - themes.


That’s fine. It’s not a big enough deal to make me stop using what has so far been an excellent email client. I offer this only as a constructive criticism to help make it better.

It looks good, by itself. Maybe your developers only use eM client or only have one window visible at a time but if you use more than one app or have many windows then it looks out of place. If only it would change color between active and inactive like the rest of the apps. The theme only specifies one color which is used for both active and inactive states.

Chrome draws its own frame but it looks native. Office draws its own frame but it looks native. eM client draws its own frame and it looks like eM client. As a developer, I wonder why you might go out of your way to draw your own frame. It’s more code and it performs worse. At least Chrome and Office put tabs and icons in their custom title bar, eM client just draws a plain title bar badly.

thank you for your understanding, but to be honest developers in our office use usually two monitors with more active windows on them.