Tired of typing contacts

No way to add contacts without typing in each detail of each one. The add contact button from email does not work( freezes program forces shutdown) add contact button on all contacts does not allow you to add contact.Was told reinstall would fix problem,it did not. Was told I was following issue on dashboardand not to follow it anymore, (signed up for dashboard nothing there )
Will not load up from outlook (just non operating accounts), will not upload contacts from yahoo.com mail, will not upload contacts from desktop folders…Is there a way to upload contacts?

Hello Gordon,
when you attempt to add contact, the program freezes and crashes after a while? Or do you have to terminate it using Task Manager?
One of such problems has been fixed in yet a newer build from http://www.emclient.com/dist/v2.6.717…
Let me know if that helped.

Concerning the Outlook import - could please describe the problem with import in more detail ?

It will be possible to import contacts from yahoo mail - using our importer (File -> Import -> Import contacts from vCard). However, it is not possible with current eM Client version since there are some compatibility issues with the format Yahoo exports contacts in.

To export contacts on Yahoo go to address.yahoo.com, Tools -> Export -> click “vCard, Zip of .VCF files”, afterward you will extract the vcf files to a directory and once a new eM Client version is released point import wizard to this directory.