Timezone presets don't account for daylight savings

Like many people, I have lots of calls with clients in other time zones. When I create a new event, I like to use the ‘add timezone’ feature to schedule the event according to my client’s availability.

No problem right? Just click ‘add timezone’, set to my client’s timezone (in this case, London), then enter the time. Easy. BUT there is a huge and potentially embarrassing problem, in that the list does not account for daylight savings. London is NOT currently UTC, it is UTC +1. So my client requests a meeting at 9am their time, and I accidentally send them an invite for 10am their time. Its a dangerous trap, and makes the whole feature unreliable.

I just posted on another thread about time zones and assumed that EMC took daylight savings into account by tapping into the OS data, which does take it into account. Well, you know what they say about assumptions :face_with_thermometer: