Select "Favorite Time Zones" for creating a new event

I use emClient to efficiently schedule events. I work with people in multiple timezones, but not every timezone. In the dropdown menu, I often have to look carefully to find the timezones I actually work with scattered among timezones I never work in, and many of these timezones are redundant (i.e., Central Time US & Canada, Central America, and Easter Island are all UTC -06:00). It would be great to be able to select “favorite time zones” in settings so that I could manually select which time zones would appear in new event dropdown.


+1 for this feature!

The timezone list is really difficult to use, and its crazy to have to scroll through so many items, searching for a particular timezone that I use every day.

An alternative approach would be to allow the user to type the city name or time zone name into the field, and have it autocomplete. This would be really useful for quickly finding the city you need, and probably remove the need for a separate ‘favourites’ list.

Yes a Favorites Timezone would be good :+1:

Just saying:

Although some time zones have the same UTC offset, they aren’t redundant because of different daylight savings start/end dates. The OS knows about this and adjusts accordingly. EMC (I imagine) taps into the OS data.