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I travel with my laptop to diff timezones in US. In ala-Outlook style can you allow optional Timezone selection in entering/editing an event?

I really need this option as well. I live in Malta with clients in all timezones. I use google calendar which allows me to set the meeting in their timezone and it displays in mine. But setting up the meetng in eM client I have to figure out what time it is for me.

If there is a work around would love to know.

thank you for your suggestion - we have it on our todo list but it will not be implemented in next major version (4.0) which will be released in two weeks. You can expect this feature in couple of months.


George Wilson
eM Client

So, is this feature created yet? It has been more than a couple months since George’s reply.

No it is not - we did not make it because of lot of other feature requests with higher priority,

Thanks for the update. This is still a feature I am really looking for. Right now the calendar updates from google but inserts the timezone of the appointment opposed to mine so I don’t use the eM client calendar because it throws me off.

Looking forward to this feature.

The recent update seems great but it looks like this issue never resolved? It is nice that eM Client syncs with your calendar but I can’t set up appointments using eM Client without the timezone settings.

Will this every be resolved as a feature?

Hopefully it will be implemented in the next major release.

Here we are in 2013 a full 11 months from George Wilson’s post that is was coming in a “couple of months” Still nothing. Very disappointing.

It surprises me that this is not a critical enhancement. Pretty much everyone travels and takes calls across timezones. I’m new to this product and this may be a deal breaker for me.

It should be definitely fixed in the next major version 6 which should be released in 2-3 months.

Since I came here to check on the “close original message on reply” issue I am really hoping that this will get resolved in the next update as well.

I don’t use the calendar feature in eMclient because I can’t set the timezones of the various people.

Again to elaborate…I am in CET time (Malta EU) but if I am working with someone in California to set up a meeting I am always referring to “their time” with google calendar I can set up the meeting in “their time” but the appointment will show up in my calendar in “my time” as well. Currently when I set up a meeting in eMclient I don’t have a choice of timezones so I would have to calculate in my head what my time would be to set up the meeting.

After this calendar issue and the “close message on reply” issue is fixed I will be 100% satisfied with eMclient. Everything else has been perfect.


this function is also planned sometime in 6th version, now I can’t tell you exactly when.



It seems that this is not important for the developers, As I can see it toke almost two years of promising. I would suggest make a note and start programming, this is something that definitely could make the product much better. If this product should be used by business man/woman and should be taken serious then a time zone option should be in. Without it’s for 50% worthless, sorry to say.

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Hi Leon, the timezone entry has been already implemented into the application quite a while ago, if you’re creating a new event there’s an option “set timezones”.

Hope this helps,