Time Zones in Calendar?

I am new to this app - is there an option to show more than one time zone in the calendar? Or is there a way to choose a different time zone when adding a new event to a calendar? Please help!

EM Client follows the time-zone settings on your PC. And does not allow to change or add different time-zone. You’ll have to workout the time.

This is at the moment only possible with Outlook 2010.

Ah. Ok. Thank you. I just switched from Outlook 2010, was getting so frustrated with how slow it was. Like your program much better so far, but would love time zones in the future! I travel so much…


I would like this feature as well.

It should be implemented in the next major version (6).

I am having problems with time zone and Google account.

My schedules always has 1 hour earlier in Google.

If I schedule 10:00am at eMClient, in Google I have 09:00am.

I checked and my computer has time zone UTC -3:00 and Google the same.

What can I do to fix this problem?

eMClient 6.0.19861.0
Windows 8
Firefox 27

same problem here I realized that the agenda has one hour difference and Windows and Google has the same time zone.

Hi, I will need your GData logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that use “send logs…” to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Then you can turn logging off.


Good morning

It is fixed and working fine to me.
I downloaded the latest version sent by eMClient team and is working fine now.

Thank you for your support.

These problems have re-surfaced with the imminent change in daily savings in Australia…but only for some appointments…trouble is knowing which one is right and which is wrong!

Having to rely on Google Calendar while EMClient gets fixed.

Hi, can you please try updating your application to this version (http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.20154/setup.msi).
It should be fixed in this release.

Thank you,

The version 6 has been available for a while. Yet I don’t see that feature available? Do you have an up-to-date status on it? Thanks

Hi Luke, when adding a new event to the calendar, in the details of this event you should see “Set timezones” next to the end date/time.
By clicking on this option you should be allowed to set timezones for your event.

Hope this helps,

Hi, I have the same problem. There is an exactly 1 hour difference between google calendar and em client. 

Calendar time is correct, like system, but email time is 1 hour behind…